Game of Thrones, Whisky from the Seven Kingdoms

  • The Knight’s Watch
    Take the Black and live your days at the Wall - you would Think that after thousands of years they would have managed to make a decent ale - at least the whisky they distil is much better.
  • House Stark
    The Stark Motto - Whisky is coming or is it Winter? Anyhow this will warm you and possibly make you howl like a Wolf or talk with a Northern dialect.
  • House Lannister
    Hear us roar is the Lannister’s motto - loud it may be after a few sips of this hearty toast, roar to the tune of the Rains of Castamere.
  • House Greyjoy
    What is dead May never die - drink this peaty Talisker and you do not sow for anyone but Will certainly feel alive.
  • House Tyrell
    The Tyrell’s live in the Reach where barley and malt is plentiful - hence they made this lovely cask strength dram to warm the warriors of summer. 
  • House Targaryen
    The Targaryens favourite pastime drink when not burning people or riding dragons - some say it was the lack of liquid Cardhu Gold that drove the King mad! 
  • House Baratheon
    Royal Lochnagar
    Robert Baratheon drank his way through the Seven Kingdoms and found this lovely dram on his quest - immediately granting the distillers a royal decree. 
  • House Tully
    Singleton of Glendullan
    A favourite dram by the Tully’s of the Riverlands not one to be wasted on the sniggering Frey’s of the Twin Towers. 
Try all the houses of the Seven Kingdoms for the humble price of 500,- kr (8 x whisky x 3cl each). Great for Sharing !

Speyside, Lowland & Campbeltown

  • Breath of the Isles, 11 y.o. Adelphi
    From one of the best independent bottlers comes this island whisky the distillery is a secret – our guess however is that it stems from Orkney. Wonderful whisky that really opens up after adding a few drops of water. Did you know that only 4% of the casks tried by Adelphi makes it to being bottled under their name – a testimony to quality.
  • Craigellachie 1996, 16 y.o. SMS
    Nice Hogshead matured whisky bringing out the best from Speyside. This is a rare bottle from independent bottler Single Malts of Scotland 1 of only 312 bottles – try a vertical tasting of the two Craigellachie’s available and learn about what maturation does to whisky.
  • Glen Scotia Victoriana
    Victoriana is made with whisky drawn from casks specially selected by their master blended, finished in heavily charred oak casks, a Campbeltown Distillery.
  • MacDuff 1997, 21 y.o. Chess Malt
    From new independent Danish bottler comes their 4th release, this one is from a very special Speyside distillery matured in bourbon cask producing only 302 bottles – It is rated as a pawn, but this little peasant here is going to bring the world down on you if you don’t sip him nicely. Personally I just can’t get enough of that wonderful MacDuff !
  • Tormore 1988, 28 y.o. The Old Malt Cask
    One of 391 bottles charged from a sherry butt. This is a lovely sherry-heavy single cask expression coming from along River of Spey. Lots of red fruits, but still bourbon character with vanilla and pineapple.
  • Glen Grant 1992, 23 y.o. Signatory Vintage
    Rather strong white pepper on the nose. Ripe pear, vanilla, caramel, peppery on the palate. Summery, makes one long for sun again. Long lasting aftertaste. One of 269 bottles.

Highland & Isles

  • Glenturret 2001, 16 y.o. 1423 S.B.S
    1st fill port pipe. The only whisky on otherwise rum-known Danish independent bottling company’s portfolio. Whisky matured in port pipes, give well balanced sweetness, supplemented with 54% comfortable sharpness on the palate, followed by light salty notes on the finish.
  • Arran 2006, 10 y.o. Private Cask Denmark
    Sherry Hogshead. This particular cask was picked by a Danish whisky enthusiast as part of his dissertation – only 208 bottles released. We think he did well!!! Arran is a new distillery opened in 1991 on the Island of Arran, almost creating a new whisky region on its own.
  • Ben Nevis 1991, 23 y.o. Signatory Vintage
    Sherry butt. Sherry cask driven flavours! Dark chocolate with subtle raisins and a whiff of tobacco leaves mingle with spiced oak, cinnamon and pepper on the palate. Very dry and warming with a touch of cinnamon and lingering notes of baked red apples towards the finish.
  • Blair Athol 1995, 22 y.o. Chess Mal
    From new independent Danish bottler comes their 3rd release a classic Highland gem matured in oloroso sherry butt producing 527 bottles – You don’t need to play chess to enjoy this one but it’s earned the title of black Knight by the bottlers – so better watch out Queenie. Let the game commence.
  • Clynelish 1995, 20 y.o. Signatory Vintage
    A lovely deep gold colour in this amazing cask. Aromas display the classic Clynelish notes of fresh fruit and vanilla, with a waxy texture.Limited edition of 853 bottles.
  • Teaninnich 1973, 30 y.o. Berry’s Own Selection
    Distilled 44 years ago! Refreshing, slightly sweet and lively. Not a heavyweight nor a sophisticated lad. But a perfect companion for a plate of smokies or a fruit salad.
  • Glendronach 1992, 25 y.o. “Mace Windu”
    Sherry Cask, Distilled 1992. Bottled 2017. Limited edition of only 1500 bottles for the Danish market, this is the latest in the un-official “Star Wars” series – If you haven’t tried 25 year old sherry casked whisky before – this is certainly one to go for with ratings above 90 on the whisky index – Mace Windu is bustling with taste of Dark Chocolate and caramelized sugar, dewey forest berries, walnut oil and even some chili. A recent Samuel Jackson favourite!!!
  • Glendronach Batch 4, Cask Strength
    Oloroso & PX Sherry Cask. Special edition from cult distillery that has a knack for sherry casked whisky – Yet another exciting small batch release, were we lucky to get hold of this dram for you? Try and find out.
  • Glendronach 1993, 24 y.o. Cask Strength
    Sherry butt. Rich sherry aged expression. Deep amber in color, warm cinnamon pastry on nose and deep raisin and freshly ground coffee flavors on the palate, leaving you to wanting more.

Islay / smoky /peaty

    Ardbeg, ARDBEG, Ardbeg, ARDBeG, Ardbeg, ARRRRRRRDBEG!!!Turbulent. Peppery. Dark Fruits. This is a cask strength version for you the lovers of peaty whisky.
  • Benromach Peat Smoke 2007, 9 y.o.
    1st Fill Bourbon Cask. Sweet, fresh, subtle peat. Some stone fruit & pepper. Not harsh, nice character.
  • Bowmore 1995, 16 y.o. Adelphi
    From top notch independent bottler Adelphi comes This wonderful Islay dram matured in refill sherry casks. Better prepare for hemp ropes and smoke !!
  • Bowmore 1998, 10 y.o. Coopers Choice
    Islay smoke and peat with hints of vanilla and fruit – some spicy pepper and oakiness in the finish. Really good value for your buck !
  • Bunnahabhain 2005, 10 y.o. Adelphi
    Heavily peated with notes of brown sugar, finish off with hints of peanutbutter, smoked cream cheese and black pepper. Clean, dryish finish. 1 of only 235 bottles.
  • Breath of the Isles, 11 y.o. Adelphi
    From one of the best independent bottlers comes this island whisky the distillery is a secret – our guess however is that it stems from Orkney. Wonderful whisky that really opens up after adding a few drops of water. Did you know that only 4% of the casks tried by Adelphi makes it to being bottled under their name – a testimony to quality.
  • Lagavulin, 16 y.o.
    The 16 year old has become a benchmark Islay dram. Thick and rich palate. Big, powerful peat and oak. Long, spicy finish – peat smoke!
  • Tobermory 1995, 20 y.o. Murray McDavid
    At the beginning of it’s journey in the bourbon cask, this Tobermory has been further matured in a French wine barrique from a vineyard in Allier. To the nose, the light floral blossoms mingle with rose, cherry and chocolate that travel on to the palate. Flavours of Kirsch cherries and oak spices, chewy liquorice and floral sweetness culminate into a soft and harmonious whisky – a true example of the art of maturation.
    PS: This is an extremely rare bottle !!!
  • As We Get It, 8 y.o. Islay Single Malt
    From an unnamed Islay distillery. Smokey & sweet on palate with phenol flavors. Beautiful notes of smoke, peat & honey.
  • Smokey Joe, Blended Islay
    Super smoky Islay malt enhanced in sherry casks. Fruity nose, notes of melon & pear with peat smoke. Intensely satisfying smoky Islay malt.

Japanese and Asian Whisky

  • Nikka From the Barrel
    Nikka From the Barrel is a blend of grain whisky from Miyagikyo and malt whisky from Yoichi. Three more Japanese whiskies to go in this little series. Full bodied and punchy palate. Plenty of spices, a little caramel and vanilla, good mouthful of fruit. Long and warming aftertaste.
  • Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky
    Delightful fruity and spicy whisky. Harmonious blend of dense spices, rich oak, and lemon and orange notes. Distilled on the Coffey Still (No coffee added!).
  • Kavalan, Sherry Oak
    Sherry bomb from the King Car distillery in Taiwan. Matured in top quality Spanish Oloroso casks – dried fruits and raisin are the main characteristics of this unique single malt Taiwanese whisky, which, if you are into sherry you will absolutely love.

Bourbon whiskey

  • Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon
    Coming from Buffalo Trace distillery lying on Kentucky river banks, where ancient buffalo carved paths twists through the wilderness that led American pioneers and explorers to new frontiers. This deep amber whiskey has a complex aroma of vanilla, mint and molasses. Pleasantly sweet to the taste with notes of brown sugar and spice that give way to oak, toffee, dark fruit and anise. This whiskey finishes long and smooth with serious depth.
  • Mitcher’s Small Batch Kentucky Straight
    Fruit and caramel come obvious on the nose while the cinnamon and spices lead you into a sweet vanilla nutty finish. The spice to sweet ratio are about as perfect as you can get. Well done Michter’s!
  • Mitcher’s Small Batch Unblended
    Very fruity and sweet, this whiskey from Michter's positively drips with toffee and butterscotch, enlivened by toasty notes and a hint of vanilla and dried fruit. Technically not a bourbon due to its ageing in 'bourbon-soaked' barrels as opposed to new oak.
  • Mitcher’s Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Rye
    Dry & spicy, yet fruity at the same time. This rich and aromatic Kentucky straight rye is considered as one of the best ryes on the market.
  • Rittenhouse Straight Rye Whisky
    If you’re searching for a bold spicy rye, you won’t find it here. However, if you have an open mind to a more mellow fruitier rye, you’ve come to the right place. Additionally for individuals who usually drink bourbon but are just exploring ryes, this is a nice “bridging” rye that helps you start to explore the world of ryes without jumping straight into the bolder spicier ones.
    The peaches and dried bananas from the nose carry over, and now they’re nicely mixed with white pepper with a dash of spice. Rittenhouse Rye doesn’t have a heavy mouthfeel however it’s also not light by any means. It’s really nicely balanced overall.
  • Woodford Reserve 1838 Style White Corn
    1838 Style White Corn was created by adjusting the whiskey’s first source of flavor – grain. The use of white corn instead of traditional yellow corn complements additional grains in the whiskey and allows for a sharper whiskey that’s lighter in body with a softer, sweeter, fruit-forward profile.
    Aroma: Soft and nutty with a malty grain note sweetened with apple fruit, hints of spun sugar, cooked sugar and vanilla. Glimpses of cedar and clove spiciness through a delicate veil of oak smoke.
    Flavor: Shortbread and a subtly cool lemon custard note are lightly spiced and dried with a dash of white pepper.
    Finish: Long and slightly dry with a lingering sweet, buttery texture.
  • Willet Straight Rye Whisky
    This is an excellent rye-forward whiskey aged in white oak barrels for 3 years. Slightly sour, hints of mint and sweetness on the nose. Solid spicy, cinnamon, wood dryness on the palate. Rye on steroids!

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