Cobras Fumadoras by Amager Bryghus

Style: Barleywine - Other
ABV: 10.5 %
From Kastrup, Region Sjælland

Mezcal barrel-aged barley wine brewed with dark agave syrup and cinnamon. We know it may sound weird, but smoking cobras is actually a thing. These extraordinary and very rare snakes can be found in the rain forests of the Southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. First sightings of this odd smoking behavior were made by Spanish conquistadores more than 400 years ago. And back then the Spanish reported that the cobra snakes were simply smoking a cheap brand of cigarettes from the local grocery store. Modern historians have been very reluctant to believe these early reports of abnormal snake behavior, and in many cases the reports have been attributed to the conquistadores experimenting with early attempts at producing hallucinogenic spirits, such as very primitive Mezcal. However, to this day, the reports of smoking cobras have continued to flourish, although modern generations of snakes seem to have developed a much more refined taste in tobacco. According to the most recent sightings, it seems that the Oaxaca cobras will touch nothing but only the best brands in Cuban cigars. In some parts of the rain forest, left over piles of cigar butts and cigar bands are actually becoming an environmental challenge. But a confusing one since cobras are also an endangered species. The local government has set up a program of wildlife consultants trying to educate the cobras to a more environment friendly behavior. The result of this effort has yet to be seen.

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